Hikers take a break at a lake plateau in the mountains

Garnet hike

The Granatenkogel (3,304 m) with its imposing cliffs is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Ötztal Alps. It enjoys a particular reputation among mineral collectors as the site with the highest density of garnet crystals in the Alps. It also pays to look for precious minerals throughout the Gaißberg valley. Last but not least, there are numerous guided hikes offered in this area.

Suggested Hike:

The Garnet Hike (Hike time: ca. 4 hrs). By foot or cable car (Gaisberg and Hohe Mut) to the top of the Hohe Mut. From there travel along the Mut saddle descending then to the “Bärenhoppen” valley. Then take a left over fairly steep turns and heaps of moraines from the Gaißberg glacier to the valley floor, all while looking for almandine garnet crystals. An alternative route is to take the more adventurous, glacial way (partially secured with fixed lines) direct to the side moraines of the glacier, finishing on easier terrain. Sometimes this hike is done in reverse using the cable car to descend back to Obergurgl.

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